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Premium Luxury Tea Brand

Offering something more than just ordinary; You want them to feel AH-MAZ-ING after dealing

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Redefine your tea experience with our collection of carefully crafted exotic tea blends. Blended with fresh ingredients, every nourishing cup of exotic teas offer comfort and potency.

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Boost your health by sipping a cup of tea lodged with a concoction of herbs, spices, and botanical ingredients to bless you with all the health benefits.     


Blended with exotic fruits, flowers, herbs and spices, our collection of flavoured teas offer you refreshing taste and authentic flavour. They are just right for every season and every occasion.


Celebs Tea Partners

We understand what you're after. 

You don't just want some generic brand of tea to start with. You can get that anywhere. You've built your business off the back of being unique and offering something more than just ordinary - you want them to feel AH-MAZ-ING after dealing with your business. 

Gorgeous Tea Packaging

We take pride in our exotic packaging and design so that your customers will love it too. While many tea packaging is covered up with generic prints, ours is unique and full of glamour, featured with fashion models.

It makes a great visual impacts and stands out in the eyes of the people. 

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Health & Beauty Teas

Designed to fit your lifestyle- Each tea we have created always has 1 purpose in mind- Health and Beauty. 

We simplify our packaging description so it gets to the point in a short and concise way. 

Amazing Taste

If it doesn't WOW us from the start, it's out of our collection. It takes months to develop the right blend that fits our criteria of addressing health benefits and tasting great.

We find our customers get attracted to our packaging before they even try our products. But once they taste it, they're hooked! 

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Why choose us as your partner?

Minimum investments are required in the start, Finance available, Easy EMI options available, Online royalty income, Custom packeging available for the customers.

Our gourmet teas are perfect for

Gym, Health & Wellness Clinics, Beauty and Spa Salons, Hairdressers, Boutique, Naturopaths & Nutritionists, Gift Stores, Corporate Gifting, Health Food Store, Cafe or Restaurant


Our teas are created by using 100% natural ingredients and are approved by our tea tasters with 15+ years of experience.


Our teas are directly sourced from the land of teas with no involvement of middlemen which automatically promotes authenticity & ensures a delectable cup of tea.

Tranquility in tea as induced by freshness. We ensure the freshness of tea is preserved by using Vaccum packaging and dehumidified storage.