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Celebs Partners Program 2.0

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Entrepreneurial Journey with Celebs Tea Co.

Let`s talk about the starting of an exotic tea business which is sourced from the most well-known and renowned tea gardens of India and around the world.

We strive to be a partner in your journey.

Starting your own business would be a big achievement for anyone. All you need is the right partner, bold passion and dedication. We are here for you.

You don`t just want some generic brand of tea to start with. You can get that anywhere. You’ve built your business off the back o being unique and offering something more than just ordinary- you want them to feel AH-MAZ-ING after dealing with your business.

Whether you are an individual or business entity there is always a need for world-class products for your customers. We strive to be a partner in your journey.

Customized your collection with fresh and tested Teas (can be of the same tea or an assortment of different teas).

Why Celebs Tea Co. products stand out in the market-

Product Range

Products ranging from organic to non-organic, herbal to flavoured, traditional teas, Ice teas, Matcha tea, black tea, green tea, or white tea, we have it all.

Gorgeous tea packaging that stands out

We take pride in our exotic packaging and design so that your customers will love it too. While many tea packaging is covered up with generic prints, ours is unique and full of glamour, featured with fashion models. It makes a great visual impact and stands out in the eyes of the people.

Health & Beauty teas designed to fit your lifestyle

Each tea we have created always has 1 purpose in mind- Health and Beauty. We simplify our packaging description so it gets to the point in a short and concise way.

Our teas taste amazing

If it doesn't WOW us from the start, it's out of our collection. It takes months to develop the right blend that fits our criteria of addressing health benefits and tasting great. We find our customers get attracted to our packaging before they even try our products. But once they taste it, they're hooked.

Why choose us as your tea partner?

Start your own exotic tea business with a minimum investment.

We will help you out in getting finance for capital investment

We also have Easy EMI available

Online Royalty- Get royalty even if your customers buy online. Suppose a customer buys a product from your showcase. Next time the same customer buys a product from our online store, our system will track the customer`s sale and simultaneously transfer the royalty to the retailer as well as the Celebs Partners.

Custom Packaging- Custom Packaging options are available for your customers too (Your customers can also participate in the campaign “Be the face of the brand”). This option will boost sales remarkably.

Placement for the product showcase; our gourmet teas are perfect for -


Health & Wellness Clinics

Pharmacy Cum General Store

Beauty and Spa Salons



Gift Stores

Naturopaths & Nutritionists

Corporate Gifting

Health Food Store

Cafe or Restaurant

Club House

Make sure that the placement for the product showcase should be in a posh locality of your city.

The role of the cover models in the positioning of the product

The exotic teas are featured by are emerging fashion models as the Brand Ambassadors, Celebs Tea Co. They play a much more influential role. They are the bridge between the consumer and the brand. They are featured on the cover pack in such a way that glamourises the product and makes it more eye-catching for the people.

What impact does it create in boosting the sales

This point goes hand in hand with the above point as when a model promotes and showcases a brand’s products appropriately, it will lead to an increase in sales. Since models add value to a brand by promoting their products, there will naturally be more sales made when a model is included in marketing and advertising efforts.

Now talk about your profit margin

Our direct partnerships with the tea garden help us cut down middlemen costs and allow us to maximise the profit margin for the brand partners.

Our technology

We are equipped with a sophisticated methodology driven by cutting-edge technology to give you the freshest tea possible. We also track the online sales placed by your customers and transfer the online royalty accordingly.

What are you waiting for join hands with us and be a part of Celebs Brand Partners Program 2.0


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