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about us

Redefine The Tea Ritual

Uniting the richest flavors of the finest teas with the curious, the cultivated, and the adventurous, all over the world. The freshest tea you’ve ever tasted, from crop to cup. There is simply no simpler way to experience the wonderful complexity of tea.

  • We believe in living deliberately and making time for what matters.

  • We believe that small acts of kindness reap the biggest rewards.

  • We believe that every cup of tea is an opportunity.


Our passion for living authentically and forming real connections with those around us is at the heart of everything we do and rivaled only by our commitment to quality.


Celebs teas reflect our passion for sourcing premium products from the furthest corners of the world. We carefully select each of our teas from leading tea growers and purveyors. With our wide range of flavors, you may find yourself choosing a new favorite every month.

Beyond its status as a delicious beverage, tea has long been praised as a source of comfort, health, and calm. But did you know tea has also been bringing people together for thousands of years? Ancient Chinese traditions called for the coming together of friends, family, and community over the sharing of tea.

Our mission is to see that tradition carried on today.

So next time you enjoy a cup of Celebs tea, we invite you to think about its journey, the real connections it helps to foster, and how you might share its goodness.

Image by 五玄土 ORIENTO
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