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Dr. Pooja Lalwani

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Brand Ambassador- Celebs Tea Co.

Chamomile Flower

A caffeine-free drink that can be your bedtime ritual. This flower is believed to have calming effects on your stress and help you sleep better. An aromatic sweet Indian herbal tea for all age groups.


- Regulates Diabetes

- Improves Complexion

Earl Grey Bergamot Peels Black

Earl Grey Tea is a traditional hand made a blend of Premium Assam Orthodox Whole Leaf and Bergamot peel. This tea brews a deep and rich red with fruity and malty overtones. The aroma reminds one of a typical Assam summer evening -heavy but refreshing in the same breath! There are many theories about Earl Grey but one thing is clear - everybody loves it.


- Boosts Metabolism

- Reduces Stress

- Slow Down Skin Aging

- Improves Digestion

Be the face of the brand

Few opportunities in life come with a sense of well-being and a paycheck. Be the face of the brand today and monetize your passion with Celebs Tea Co by sharing it with your fellow referrals.


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