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Models Entrepreneurial Journey 2.0

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Celebs Tea Co has designed a beautiful campaign for the fashion models who would like to carry forward their journey of modelling to Entrepreneurship and the best part of this entrepreneurship that goes in their favour is that they themselves can customize their investment, profit margin and earnings as well.

What fashion models do here, they customize their own showcase of the various types of exotic tea collections according to their budget.

Celebs Tea Co designs beautiful creatives for the models and features them as a cover model on the tea boxes.

Accordingly, the fashion models demonstrate or exhibit their showcase in the preferred places like gym, salon, spa, boutique, pharmacy stores, gift stores etc. There are specific guidelines given by the brand, to choose the places for the showcase.

Being a model you should personally be super confident, that the product you are featuring should stand out in the eyes of the people and they buy it.

As far as support & guidance is concerned, the brand deploys a Relationship Manager to help the fashion models in every aspect (like training, promotion, showcasing etc) to grow their entrepreneurial journey specially the business turnover.

Coming to your next concern, how Models earn endorsement money?

See, Celebs Models earn endorsement money, every time when the product is sold from their showcase.

It also creates your identity as a fashion model and would remain forever with you.

The campaign creates a tremendous face value as well the monetary benefits for the models.

We can only say that when you see yourself as a cover model on the tea boxes, you will feel like a celebrity. It would be a great milestone in your life. People will start recognising you as a model. Your friend and relatives would feel proud of you.

So guys, please do not lose this opportunity. Take our word for it, you will never regret on this. Take the advantage of this fabulous opportunity to launch yourself as a cover model and start your entrepreneurial journey.

Kindly contact the Campaign Manager of Celebs Tea Co. They will customize your showcase according to your requirement and within your budget.


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