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“Modelpreneurs” – It Pays to be Pretty

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

We`re building the nation’s largest inclusive community of Modelpreneurs- Celebs Tea Co.

1. What is the campaign ‘Modelpreneurs’ all about?

This beautiful concept is specially designed for fashion models who want to convert their passion for modelling into a business. This unique idea aims to empower people who love fashion all over the globe. The idea is to feature fashion models as the brand’s cover model and connect them with their sponsors, in exchange, they get endorsement money.

2. How much a fashion model can earn from the campaign ‘Modelpreneurs’?

See, it varies from model to model and their collaboration with the Sponsors. Suppose a model has 5 to 10 sponsors, he/she can earn anywhere between 1.75 lakhs to 3.50 lakhs per month or even more, assuming an average business of Rs 5 lakhs per month per sponsor which can be easily achieved as the brand does extensive market research before entering into any geographical location.

3. How can a model identify and invite its sponsors?

The answer is simple, you keep meeting many people in your day-to-day lives, who are into some kind of business or have an interest in Startup, Bootstrapping, Entrepreneurship etc even with a minimum capital of Rs 3 to 5 lakhs. These people might become your sponsors.

Invite these prospective sponsors by sharing the invitation link mentioned on your dashboard. Once they accept your invitation, you can see their details on your dashboard.

After an initial interaction, you can connect them to your PR Manager deployed by the brand, who helps you out by making the sponsors deal in your favour.

4. How does the model impress and collaborate with the Sponsors?

For the sponsors' collaboration, your showcase has a bigger role. You need to create your goodwill and face value as a cover model in front of your prospective sponsors, exhibit your showcase and gift them some of the tea boxes you featured on.

We believe in transparency. Therefore, as per the protocol, you need to show your actual showcase to your sponsors so that they can understand what type of showcase they have to promote with the retail partners like pharmacies, general and gift stores in their preferred locations and earn a good margin on them.

Your sponsors must be impressed with the quality, packaging and most importantly the overall look and feel of the showcase featuring you as a model on the cover of the tea boxes.

Whenever the PR Manager will discuss the business collaboration with your sponsors on your behalf, the sponsors must be aware of your showcase so that the sponsorship deal can be closed in your favour.

Disclaimer- "We are not a modelling agency nor do we provide any kind of modelling assignments for other brands. We DO NOT charge any 'Registration or Membership Fee' from the models. We are only concerned about featuring fashion models in our brand, Celebs Tea Co. and making a collaboration with the Brand Sponsors."


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