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Empower Your Business

We are ​running an online campaign called #BrandsNeo which empowers retailers and helps them to grow their businesses to the next level.

How does it work?

It works in three different modules-

In module one, we Promote world-class finest Tea Gardens and their handcrafted artisanal tea products globally. We call it "fashion tea" as it has immense health and beauty benefits

In the second module, We collaborate with aspiring and international fashion models for the next level of product branding for retailers.

In the third and most important module, we connect tea gardens to retailers that create an opportunity to customize fresh tea for their valued customers directly from the finest tea gardens.

We also give the subsidy from our side so that you can make a huge margin out of it.

The retail stores will have a lot of customisation options that include MRP so that the stores can decide their margin themselves.


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