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Kajal Bahutey

Model Cum Brand Ambassador- Celebs Tea Co.

About Me

I am Kajal Bahutey, Graduate in I'm 22 years old based in Dehradun . Currently exploring my alter egos based on my daily mantra “You are becoming more of yourself each day and that is something to celebrate“. My interest in fashion has helped me explore more and become an influencer. I am a natural in creating content on street style fashion such as videos and self portraits. A trained model who works on designer and brand shoots. I believe that above mentioned is just not enough for my growth. This is why I wholeheartedly explore and welcome new platform's to move further with indomitable spirit.


  • Gender: Female

  • Age: 22

  • Height: 5'3

  • Waist: 26

  • Bust: 32

  • Hips: 34

  • Eye Color: Dark brown

  • Skin Color: Fair

  • Hair Color: Dark brown

Modeling Experience

Miss Dehradun 2021( Miss Congeniality) 2 months grooming classes. Designer shoot for Nandini fashion & Nirni's style. Worked in a music video. Has done shoot for a accessory brand on Instagram. Done many portrait conceptual shoot.

Hobbies, Talents & Interests

(Hobbies) To make fashion videos on Instagram. Cooking, love to travel, and I love to play badminton too. (Talents) Dancing, self portrait photographer, editing. (Interests) Print shoots, ramp shows, designer shoots, modern western attires.

Berry Blast

An exotic blend of berries with green tea. Blueberry, Blackberries, Strawberry give this premium tea a unique taste. You can enjoy the tea hot or cold. You get all the goodness of green tea with all the nutrition’s packed in the berries.


- Protects the body against free radical

- Fights skin aging

- Stimulate collagen production

Irish Breakfast Black

A blend of hearty Assam and Darjeeling teas that produce a rich, liquoring cup with the strength and malty flavor of the best teas of Assam. This gourmet tea is full of natural antioxidants and it has a robust, invigorating aroma that is sure to jump-start your morning; the longer you allow it to steep, the stronger it becomes. If you choose to add dairy to your tea, we recommend you serve this tea with milk.


- Boosts Metabolism

- Reduces Stress

- Slow Down Skin Aging

- Improves Digestion

Menthos Green

A blend of Green tea and Mint that is popular for its pungent flavor and additional medicinal properties. The antioxidants in green tea and antiviral & antibacterial properties of mint makes this smooth and mellow tea a health potion that you will love to drink 2 to 3 times a day.


- Helps in relieving Nausea, Cramps, Spasm & Stomach Pain

- improves Digestion

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