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Manpreet Kaur

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Brand Ambassador- Celebs Tea Co.

Rooibos Tea

One of the most popular herbal teas from South Africa, Rooibos Tea boasts antioxidants just like its real tea counterparts. This makes it one of the most preferred alternatives to black and green teas. Find your own liking of this favorable herbal tea by adding milk and sugar. You can even have an iced version of this tea.


- Improves Bone Health

- Reduces Heart Diseases Risk

- Prevents Cancer

- Rich in Antioxidants

- Helps in Kidney Diseases

Rose Green Amore

A fusion of love and health in one cup. Beautiful rose petals that are evenly sprinkled on your favorite green tea makes it a pleasant drink and is sure to amaze you with its sweet and subtly minty flavor.


- Anti Inflammatory

- Helps in Arthritis

- Helps in Skin aging, reduces stomach fat

Blue Fresca Green

A decoction of Blue Tea (Butterfly Pea Flower) blended with one of Darjeeling's healthy green tea says nothing but 'health and beauty'. Watch the blend slowly unveil its mesmerising blue hue when steeped. To add more magic to it, add a few drops lemon, and the tea gracefully turns into purple. This Blue Amore, packed with several health benefits, is a synonym for Bold & Beautiful.


Protects the body against free radical action

Fights skin aging, stimulate collagen production

Increases metabolism

Be the face of the brand today

Few opportunities in life come with a sense of well-being and a paycheck. Be the face of the brand today and monetize your passion with Celebs Tea Co by sharing it with your fellow referrals.


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