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The top 5 emerging cover models of Celebs Tea Co. in 2022

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Enter a new era of a supermodel-turned-super mogul, where models start carving brand names for themselves from the moment they hit the fashion runway.

The rise of social media in helping young models build a global following. Using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, they can reach out to the public more easily than ever before and push their brand.

"We’re in the era of the entrepreneur. Whether you’re an actor or a model, it’s best for your earnings potential that you leverage your fame to do other things,”

Here are the top 5 emerging cover models of Celebs Tea Co. in 2022, who would turn out to be versatile models cum successful modelpreneurs in future.

Alia Sharma

A Jaipur-based model Alia Sharma has walked in shows across India for various designers whose work has immensely empowered the Make In India Movement. She has been the face of various fashion shows & brands, showcasing their work to their fashion fancier audiences present across the nation.

Modeling has helped me bridge the gap between designers & their consumers, enhancing my work in both traditional & contemporary shoots as well as shows says, Alia Sharma, Cover Model, Celebs Tea Co.

Makeup has been her biggest passion, which has now transformed into her profession helping her work on various faces from across ages & genders.

Being a makeup artist & model, she wanted to expand her creativity while helping & inspiring others. With thousands of followers, her goal is to influence people across the globe with important aspects of life like lifestyle, beauty, fashion & modeling.

Dr. Saurav Ghosh

Dr. Saurav Ghosh, a versatile model captured attention with his immaculate and well-maintained persona. The Model hailing from Shillong did manage to win the fashion industry with his rather exotic looks.

His parents and elder brother have been his inspiration since childhood who always motivated and pushed him to work hard in life.

Apart from being an MD Anaesthesiologist, he also enjoys- singing, cooking, and dancing.

He has also represented India in badminton at the Himalayan Open 2016. Also qualified for Indian Idol in 2017.

His omnipresence throughout the entirety of the Indian fashion world has been noticed, despite all his achievements, he is a very humble person. He has been spotted on ramp walks and also has been the face of some very influential labels.

Modelling as an interesting field came to my mind a few years ago, so opted for it and eventually became the brand ambassador of an amazing and wonderful tea company called Celebs Tea Co which boosted my self-confidence and career as a model plus got some more work in the modelling field, ultimately perusing modelling as an alternate career since 2 years now says Cover Model Cum Brand Ambassador Celebs Tea Co.

Siksha Das

She has been modelling since the age of 15 and when she finally shifted to Bombay at the age of 19 to work as a bigger model she was thrilled to see the overwhelming response she got from the industry. She started off by making a professional portfolio by celebrity photographer Mr. A. Rrajani and sent it all across the agencies.

As a freelancer, it’s always better because you have various kinds of work and opportunities coming to you to choose from says, Siksha Das, Cover Model of Celebs Tea Co.

Since then She has worked for Myntra, Ajio, International clothing brands and of course became the cover model and brand ambassador of Celebs Tea Co in a short span of time.

She was a journalism student but taking up modelling is something that truly fueled her passion for fashion and glamour. Though modelling has been a part-time career for her it has always been wonderful and she looks forward to doing more projects as such.

Being in front of a camera truly makes her happy and she thinks it’s far beyond what she looks like but the confidence that one carries in being oneself is what truly makes an ideal model for the brands that one represents.

Shikhar Shukla

A great time changer from the city of Lucknow, who came over the rid of dark skin perceptions by racists through becoming a professional model at e-commerce platforms and achieving the tokens of love like Mr. Lucknow Supranational and carrying the way by keeping the dusky beauty and becoming a thing.

Getting over many hurdles, he himself made an inspiration to thousands of his age.

Being a professional model, actor and lead vocalist in a band he performed big concerts, and ramp shows got a fan following and inspired them to break the stones and represent the best version by loving his own way of styling, tone love and many more.

Achieving big titles as the Mr. Perfect Walk and styling he made his own journey. Getting mentorship through great supermodels, he is still polishing the journey to becoming a brand out of his own style.

He also spoke about how he finally became THE SHIKHAR SHUKLA after taking a huge risk in his career. He aspires to inspire people to take risks and follow their dreams, just the way he did.

Kajal Bahutey

She is 23 years old, Dehradun-based fashion model. She is a Graduate in Currently exploring her alter egos based on her daily mantra “ You are becoming more of yourself each day and that is something to celebrate “.

She is a foodie and a passionate traveller. Her interest in fashion has helped her explore more and become an influencer. She is a natural in creating content on street style fashion such as videos and self-portraits.

A trained model who works on designer and brand shoots. She is a proud fashion influencer and model as She has worked with many Instagram brands, makeup artists, ethnic and modern attires. She is very familiar and confident when it comes to the camera.

I'm natural in making content. I wholeheartedly explore and welcome new platforms to move further with an indomitable spirit says, Kajal Bahutey, Cover Model of Celebs Tea Co.


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